Bien-être des Étudiants

Bien-être des Étudiants .

The main aim of the administration of Student Welfare is to prepare the student to be useful to his country and to himself. This preparation must be based on scientific bases in order to let the member cope with the society to exchange benefits.
To reach the required level of our students, it was a must to provide a real care that the educational, social, cultural and sporting efforts co-operate together in order to achieve this goal.
Services provided by Student Welfare Administration to the Faculty students First: Cultural Activity
This activity aims to look for human resources among youth as they are considered a main source in the process of development through competitions, workshops and symposiums.
• Director of the technical staff for Youth Welfare.
• The Secretaries of the Council Union from the Faculty and a secretary are elected among its members.
Cultural activities include:-
• Holly Qur'an Competition
• Nuclear Hadiths Competition
• Cultural Seminars
• General information Competition
Second: Social Activity
This activity aims at involving students to participate students in various social activities on both faculty and university levels and qualifying them to work in a suitable social environment. Social activities include:-
• Ideal Student competition
• Ideal Mother Competition
• Chess Competition
• Social Thesis Competition
Health Care for Students It aims at providing the best health service for students at the faculty.
Medical services include:-
• Providing medical services for the faculty students like (extracting health and cards and letters) at Public Health Administration in Sperpay.
• Applying medical examination upon the students and dispensing required medicine for half of the original price in normal medical conditions.
• In case of chronic disease cases, which need continuing treatment, they are presented before the Medical Committee and determining corresponding treatment totally at the expense of the University.
• In medical conditions that require entering specialized medical centers wither at University Hospitals or other centers, they are presented before the Medical Committee to transfer them to the suitable places for treatment.
Procedures that should be followed for getting Health Care at the faculty
• Any student can get the medical card at Student Welfare Administration right after paying fees and attaching a personal photograph.
• The student submits an application to the dean of the faculty showing its medical case. Medical tests and prescriptions can be attached.
• The faculty administration sends a letter attached to it the health card that applies medical examination upon the student.
• If the case requires treatment outside the medical administration, the student then is transferred to one of the hospitals or medical centers related to the University.
• If treatment requires doing an operation and the required resources needed are not offered at one of the hospitals related to the University, the case is transferred to another hospital and treatment is upon the expense of the University.
• If the student has an accident, he is treated and an administrative investigation is done to show if the student has the right to be treated. It is to be according to the contract of insurance against personal accidents.
• Contracting to treat Hepatitis C at the hospitals of the University without including the cost of tests after treatment and recovery.
• For chronic cases, if the cost of medicine doesn't exceed 1000 pounds, the student bears 10% of the cost. If it exceeds 1000 pounds, the student bears 15% of the cost.
Third: Sports Activity It aims to look for distinguished students in different sports activities (team and individual). Signing in these activities is through going to the responsible at the Administration of Student Welfare. The committee of Sports Activity is competent to the following:-
• Spreading the spirit of sportsmanship, encouraging and developing sports talents.
• Organizing sports activity at the faculty.
Fourth: Student Families
Student Families: They are organized groups who derive their legitimacy from the Families Committee at Student Union of the faculty. They aim at boarding the base of practicing student social, cultural, sports and artistic activities that help students to develop their talents, improve their abilities and skills and invest their leisure time. Each family sets up the number of required committees that organize different activities.
Fifth: Trips and Camps Activity
Recreation and alleviate the burdens are considered one of the most important life requirements. There are many ways that enable us to achieve this target such as trips that a group of people travel to spend some time together at a specific place that is specified in advance.
Sixth: Scout and Public Service Activity
Scout and public service committee subcommittees on many different student activities inside the faculty such as:- • Artistic Workshop
• Painting on cloth and glass
• Hitting copper
• Burning on leather
• Artifacts
Scouts depend on themselves in setting up required tents and making models of rope and canes to make a gate and a fence…..etc.
For participating in the scout: go to the responsible at Student Welfare Administration at the faculty.
Seventh: Scientific Activity
It is about arranging seminars and scientific lectures to develop scientific and technological abilities through Science Clubs and Scientific Assosiations.

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